Hot Buttered Coffee Club

1 cup (8oz) of coffee
*when brewing coffee use filtered water

1-2 tablespoons of grass fed, unsalted, butter or ghee
*for an extra twist, whisk it!

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Why drink hot buttered coffee?

Hot Buttered coffee for breakfast is a healthy way for you to feel full, satisfied and energized for an extended period of the day. When you first begin your hot buttered coffee ritual, you will lose weight and your energy level will rise. Butter slows the absorption of caffeine into the bloodstream which in return results in prolonged energy.

Forget those energy drinks that make you jittery for several hours and then crash, not to mention all the damage that sugar is doing to your body!

The omega 3 (good fats) are found in grass fed butter. This fatty acid is needed for a healthy brain and nervous system.

Why Butter vs. sugar?

By using good fat / grass fed butter we promote anti-inflammatory responses in our body. Instead of these fats going to our liver to be processed, they go straight to our blood stream to be used as energy.

So, skip your typical high carbohydrate, sugary breakfast, and try this fat focused fuel. The benefits of fat vs. carbs/sugar in the morning have been shown to increase energy levels, brain function, memory and metabolism.

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I've been drinking hot buttered coffee for 3 months now and have losts 10 lbs without changing anything else.
Ellen S. Phx, AZ

I drink this at 7am and I find myself not even hungry until late in the afternoon.
Kelli E. Scts, AZ

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